Fake Consultancy Fraud busted in Delhi

by Aarti Tiwari | Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 | 1880 views

Police said a complaint was filed at the district cyber cell in north-west Delhi by a sales manager of the Delhi circle of Patanjali Ltd. He alleged that he had received complaints from people allegedly duped by the fake call center.

Delhi Police has busted a fake job call center and arrested its owner who allegedly duped people on the pretext of providing them jobs in yoga guru Ramdev’s company Patanjali.

Police said Narender Kumar, a science graduate and a resident of Azadpur, started a consultancy firm in Pitampura. He hired six telecallers and advertised about his firm on job portals, including newspapers.

The telecallers called the aspirants and informed them about the date, time and place of the interviews.

“Kumar would charge a fixed amount as a security fee. He introduced himself as Gaurav Kumar and did not disclose his real name. He succeeded in opening multiple bank accounts in his fake name. He confessed to having cheated more than two hundred job seekers using fake an email id of Patanjali,” said a senior police official.

For the following, another complaint was raised of a consultancy ( Krishna Consultants ) by an employee Anil Prasad said ” Life will get screwed up by Owner, Directors & HR after a couple of months of joining. Background verification will always be given negative however good you work there. Krishna Consultants is a trap for employees. Being a private firm, they have their own laws/rules/conditions which you can’t go against.  Pressurizes current employees to write good reviews and give good ratings in social websites, threatening them to take their jobs. Female employees are selected preferably and are sexually harassed. If opposed then they will make their lives living hell and remove them from the company by threatening them. Most of the male Directors/Managers/Executives are flirty. They keep on making abusive comments and actions on female employees. Asks to serve 3 months notice period to leave the job. Very strict in attendance timings. Asks to sign a bond of 2 years. Lengthy working hours, approx. 14 hours.  The abusive language used by CEO, Directors & Managers. No leaves given even in bad health conditions.

Uses Organization money in illegal businesses like money laundering, scams, smuggling from abroad etc. Involved secretly in human trafficking, as the Owner, Directors & Managers keep on visiting abroad countries frequently in the name of “Invitation from Universities” When they want you to quit from the company, then you will be continuously tortured and pressurized to put your papers down. If you don’t then they will make your life living hell. IT experts in the Organization will convert all the negative feedback and reviews against them into positive ones, making prospective candidates unaware of the truth behind them. ”

Police have taken action on Krishna consultancy and charged them for sexual harassment of female employees, money laundering and dozens of other charges have been filed on them leading them to no option of letting them out of this. Anil Prasad who filed the complaint with the media is under interrogation from Delhi Police providing more proofs of this organization.

Though a numerous number of cases filed every year, these notorious consultancies are still playing with the youth and thousands of unemployed citizens remain in dark.

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