Delhi: Nepalese woman pushed into prostitution by Facebook friend on promise of ‘good career’

by Staff Reporter | Friday, Sep 14, 2018 | 3519 views

Days after a girl from Jaipur was rescued from the clutches of her alleged lover, who tried selling her, a Nepalese woman has now come forward with a similar ordeal.

In both the cases, the alleged traffickers had used Facebook to lure them to come to Delhi on the pretext of job and marriage. The Nepalese woman was called to Delhi last December on the pretext of job and pushed into prostitution.

Nearly six months ago, the 23-year-old woman who hails from Lumbini – the monastic zone in Nepal – had met a man named Bunty Rajput on Facebook. After developing a virtual relationship, she alleged, Rajput promised her a good career opportunity and asked her to come to Delhi.


Trusting his words, she came to Delhi on December 31 last year. She was made to stay in a hotel room at Grand Shobha Hotel in Mahipalpur. For a few days, she waited for Bunty to give her an update on the availability of a job. But eventually, she started suspecting his intentions and decided to confront him. Little she knew about what awaited her. Bunty’s words gave her the shock of her life. In her statement before the judge, she said, “When I asked for a job, I was told prostitution was the best way to earn money.

I could not believe his words. He said there is no job. If you want to make money, join the profession and this is how I was pushed into flesh trade and raped.” She alleged that it is not just Bunty but three other guys, including Bunty’s friend Rahul Thakur, a person named Joy and Vikram, the hotel owner, also raped her. Police have arrested Bunty for rape. However, Vikram is absconding.

The police on Tuesday sought extension of Bunty’s custody to trace Rahul Thakur who lives in Haryana and Joy but the plea was declined by the court and he was sent to Tihar.

“The incidents of traffickers using social media to lure girls and push them into flesh trade are frequently coming forward. So far, we have not come across an organised gang behind the social engineering but only individual cases like these. People should come forward and report such cases,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Dr G Ram Gopal Naik told Mail Today.

Another police officer said the trap is laid especially for the women who belong to tier-II and tier-III cities where there are not much economic opportunities. The trap is made to sound so lucrative that people fall for this.

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